MISSED CALL WITH +53? DO NOT CALL BACK Dull telephones from Cuban phone numbers have become a plague in recent days. From many of them – starting from the directional +53 – there are short beeps, only to have a connection track in the phone to encourage us to call back. This, however, can be… Read More »

The story of the theft of the domain

In one known to all the country lived a simple web-master Dmitry syno66. Dmitry was a project on the Internet which helped people to solve their problems, and thereby to feed Dmitri and his family. Dmitry for two years invested in this project money, which was ordered semantic core, written articles, and thereby gradually increased… Read More »

Class Yandex Translate

In the context of developing multi-lingual pages was the question of automatic translation of texts, products, or other texts. It turned out the interpreter class which uses the API yandex 1.5. Access to all API methods is the key. Get your free API key you need the link http://api.yandex.ru/key/form.xml?service=trnsl The key is to write in… Read More »


HOW TO TREAT WINDOWS SERVER 2012 ERROR LICENSE SERVER Recently faced with an unexpected problem, in January I installed and configured windows server 2012, everything was done by TK ie used Windows Server 2012 in a workgroup (without domain), sets purchased client certificates to connect to the terminal server installed and activated the license server.… Read More »

Lunux player radiotray

Set up and configure the player radiotray simple minimalistic radio player that’s designed only for listening to streaming radio. After starting the program minimized in the system tray. List of radio stations, you can add from the settings window of the player.