Автор: | Декабрь 31, 2017


Dull telephones from Cuban phone numbers have become a plague in recent days. From many of them — starting from the directional +53 — there are short beeps, only to have a connection track in the phone to encourage us to call back. This, however, can be expensive, because once we pay as for a foreign call, and two — it can be premium numbers, for calls with which payments are even higher. How to deal with it?

Yesterday on Twitter, Wojtek Jabczyński, or spokesman for the Orange network, published this message:

The response of users of this microblogging service did not have to wait long. Many of them have uploaded screenshots or photos showing a list of connections from suspicious numbers, starting just from +53 (the area code to Cuba).

The information provided by them shows that the connections are very short, mostly only one or two signals, all in order not to be able to answer the call and to call us back. They often call at late hours or even at night. There are many indications that the issue of intensified attacks from Cuban numbers concerns only Orange users, but it is worth all to be on the alert, because making a call back can be expensive.

It will not be a revelation when I say that it is worth checking the number you are dealing with — just punch it online and verify — not only the number itself, but also the directional number. If you do not expect any calls from foreign numbers, it should be a clear signal for you to be more careful than usual.

There are also a lot of mobile applications that allow you to identify unknown phone numbers — after installing one of them, during an incoming call on the smartphone screen not only a number is displayed, but also information on who it may belong to. However, it is worth remembering that applications of this type, in order to operate, need a lot of rights — including access to the Internet and our phone book. One of the most popular programs to identify numbers is Sync.ME, available on both Android and iOS .

Another way is to block suspicious phone numbers — but to do this, you must first have them and then tap on the blacklist. However, it is difficult to do it for all numbers starting from +53. However, if you want to protect yourself from unwanted connections at least, I can make it easier for you.

After analyzing all entries of people who were called, most often calls are made from these numbers:

+53 54990763, +53 52652902, +53 54990760, +53 47281764, +53 58842850, +53 52652902, but they also call from: +53 47281770 , +53 58841893, +53 58841893