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error google maps, google play are update

Stopped loaded maps for various applications for Android ceased to be loaded maps with an error here is such error google maps, google play service are update solved very simply uninstall google play service, I don’t know what happens in the phone, but disabling the Google Play service then maps are loaded fine but when… Читать далее »

Problem with RDP client keyboard

MS RDP Client with no keyboard layout problems for Ubuntu Debian The standard RDP client for remote desktop access constantly confuses layouts and does not match the expected, strange that for many years this problem continues. That is, rdp client tries somehow to recode and guess the keyboard and it often does not work for… Читать далее »


MISSED CALL WITH +53? DO NOT CALL BACK Dull telephones from Cuban phone numbers have become a plague in recent days. From many of them — starting from the directional +53 — there are short beeps, only to have a connection track in the phone to encourage us to call back. This, however, can be… Читать далее »

Lunux player radiotray

Set up and configure the player radiotray simple minimalistic radio player that’s designed only for listening to streaming radio. After starting the program minimized in the system tray. List of radio stations, you can add from the settings window of the player.