Virus: In the new Linux NetworkManager ignores DNS and overwrites resolv.conf

Автор: | Ноябрь 17, 2017

In the new Linux, NetworkManager ignores DNS and rewrites resolv.conf what to do?

It turned out to be very difficult, many put bind9 or dnsmasq, they set up a long time

but the cunning NetworkManager takes and writes to resolv.conf for example nameserver or — where it takes them at all is not clear, it seems by random law because with one flash drive put Lubuntu Linux on one computer — vylazit and on the other

The behavior of Linux is similar to a virus if the address was of course not 127 and yet any. A whole day was tormented with hapless programmers who have recently been trying to make from a hard and understandably customizable Linux — what kind of self-programming Windows!

It helped write in the section of the file /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf

[main] plugins = ifupdown, keyfile
dns = none

then NetworkManager became even though to register in resolv.conf what we write in the interface settings via the desktop applet, although so, well Further dig did not work!