Problem with RDP client keyboard

Автор: | Февраль 26, 2018

MS RDP Client with no keyboard layout problems for Ubuntu Debian

The standard RDP client for remote desktop access constantly confuses layouts and does not match the expected, strange that for many years this problem continues.

That is, rdp client tries somehow to recode and guess the keyboard and it often does not work for it, instead there is a patched rdp client from ALT Linux that works with the «-y» key without unnecessary fancies directly, called «RAW mode».

What is very important — Data RDP client with ease to set any size of the window, which is very important for comfortable work So download patched from here

then install the necessary packages and make the links delete the old one:

sudo dpkg -r rdesktop

add the necessary package:

sudo apt-get install libgssglue1

create the symbolic links:

cd / lib / x86_64-linux-gnu sudo ln -s libssl .so.10

sudo ln -s

we connect to the remote computer with the option «-y» rdesktop -y -g 1200 × 800 -u username -p pass name_or_IP

but do not set the password — let the people themselves introduce, although it is possible and put,

a simple user if not the administrator is unlikely to spoil

-u — account for authentication.

-d — domain.

-p — the password so that others can not raise it better to use

-p — in this case rdesktop will ask for the password at startup.

-g — screen resolution, you can specify the percentage of the entire screen.

-f — fullscreen mode (you can switch with the Ctrl-Alt-Enter key combination).

-0 — color depth — 8 or 16 bits, 16-bit color is only available for RDP version 5 of Windows XP / 2003, 32 bit is not supported.

-4 — use RDP version 4.

-5 — use RDP version 5 (default).

-S — the mode of one application, for example, one is launched, the entire application screen is deployed (with the -s option).

-z — activation of compression of transmitted data, actual for slow connections